Does My Company Need Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats?

Why Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats?

There are many health benefits to anti-fatigue floor mats. They prevent joint damage and increase productivity in several types of industries where the employees are standing many hours of the day. However, what type of businesses are these and how do you determine whether your business needs anti-fatigue floor mats? We have developed a list of the types of businesses which we recommend hire a floor mat rental service to deliver anti-fatigue floor mats for their business:

  • Restaurants need anti-fatigue floor mats as chefs, hosts, and waiters are always on their feet. Standing for many hours at a time takes a toll on their feet and legs, causing joint pain without proper matting.
  • Commercial businesses and hotels where employees at the front desks or concierge desks are required to stand when greeting and assisting visitors should be provided with comfortable anti-fatigue floor mats.
  • In medical facilities, doctors may stand up to 20 hours, or sometimes even more, when working on surgery, laboratory research, or other medical practices. To assist them in working efficiently and safely, high-quality anti-fatigue floor mats are a must.
  • In automotive or manufacturing plants, anti-fatigue slip-resistant floor mats are a necessity. Employees working in plants are standing in front of heavy machinery all day long, and therefore require quality comfortable floor mats which provide them with a safe work environment.

Garden State Mat Rental is a high-quality floor mat service in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware area. We deliver quality anti-fatigue floor mats that are also safe and slip resistant on a regular basis. Count on us to provide your employees with high-quality floor mats today! Give us a call at 800-486-1581 or email us at to speak with a mat rental specialist.