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How To Pick The Right Sized Floor Mats For Your Business

Correctly sizing mats for your business is as important as choosing the right kind of mat. Too small and it becomes a decoration, too large and it becomes a tripping hazard. Below are mat sizing tips and considerations for your business’s next addition.  

Take Measurements

Just like buying clothes online, knowing what size will fit perfectly is essential for a confident purchase. If thinking about only one or two mats for a specific purpose, then using a tape measure and marking off the perimeter with masking tape will give you a good idea of what the area needs for coverage. If ordering large quantities of mats or bigger mats that will fill the room out, it might be worth it to graph the room’s layout and area in preparation for the mat addition. 

Here at Garden State Mat Rental, odds are we have the size that you need. But, if you need a special mat to fit a unique setting or need, we can help with that too. 

Consider the Traffic

Is your new mat for standing only or for a walkway? Do you mind people stepping over the corners and edges of your rug as they walk by? 

If you’re looking for a standing rug and don’t want passing traffic wearing down its edges, shorten its width. This will not only save it from unnecessary wear, but will encourage standing parties to stay off the walkway. 

Consider its Purpose

If dirt and debris is always hitchhiking onto your nice floors, consider a longer mat to capture more of the unwelcomed material. The more that is absorbed or scraped by the mat, the less that smears on your floor. 

Conscious Spacing for a Professional Look 

Though generally an afterthought when deciding the future safety and comfort of your employees and clients, a mat’s spacing from the wall and door can insinuate your business’  attention to detail or haphazard arrangement. 

A mat that’s too big will crumple near the entrance. A mat that’s too small looks out of place. In either case, it’s an unfortunate distraction from what should be a welcoming experience. Having to step over a worn postage stamp of fabric or a fold of dirty rug is not an ideal introduction for a client or patient to your business. 

Show off the Flooring

Everybody knows a carpet hides and holds dirt from view. Some even do it better than others. If you want the cleanliness of your place of business to shine through, showing off a clean floor could help make a positive and productive first impression. 

Though the ideal standing surface is doubtlessly one that protects your employees from fatigue and your place of business from dirt, the floors of your business have their own flair to add to the professional ambiance. 

While the presence of linoleum, tiling, and the like are largely taken for granted when entering a building, the impact that a clean tile and grouting can have on your customer or client’s experience could encourage their return. 

Garden State Mat Rental is Here to Help!

Having a mat that is functional, beautiful, and tastefully arranged will take the first steps of your business or client relationships in the right direction. Call Garden State Mat Rental today for all of your mat needs.