philadelphia mat rental services

Philadelphia Mat Rental Services

Aside from burns and cuts, walking on an ill-equipped commercial kitchen floor is one of the leading causes of kitchen-related injuries. There are always risks of trips, slips, and falls not to mention the strains that standing on cold, hard floors bring to your lower extremities and back. Equip your Philadelphia restaurant kitchen with the highest quality kitchen mats around from Garden State Mat Rental. Our kitchen mats are designed not only to provide comfort for strained legs and feet but also to provide resistance to slips, static, and dirt. This is basically everything you’d want and need for your kitchen floors!

Complete Line of Mats and Facility Products

Garden State Mat Rental has the widest range of commercial mats and facility cleaning products in Philadelphia:

Classic Logo Mats

We use highly durable nitrile rubber mats for great traction, and print with state-of-the-art printing for the most attractive results.

Classic Solutions Industrial Mats

Highly durable and has certified high traction from the National Floor Safety Institute, our industrial mats are designed to last even the heaviest of foot traffic.

Scraper Mats

Never let dirt, mud, and grime get past your building entrance with scraper mats that feature molded tread cleats for superior scraping and nitrile rubber backing for certified high traction.

Kitchen Mats

Our kitchen mats are made especially with the commercial kitchen worker in mind – resist spills, keep the floors clean, and most importantly keep the workers’ tired legs comfortable even with so many hours standing on the job.

Anti-Fatigue Matting

Designed with a ribbed texture to help secure footing and resist slips and comes in a variety of sizes ideal for different workplaces – hospitals, restaurants, factories, etc.

Facility Services

Give your facility the touch-up it deserves with our top-of-the-line products:

It’s Hassle-free High-Quality Mat Rental

We have designed our mat rental services at Garden State to not only provide the best quality mats but also to make the whole process quick, easy, hassle-free, and completely worth your while. Interested? Call us at 800-486-1581!

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