9 Business Entrance Ideas That Improve Curb Appeal

A powerful first impression is created when a customer walks through a business’s doors for the first time, and that impression influences the rest of their experience. Preparing a welcoming atmosphere at a business’s entrance is essential in creating a pleasant customer experience. 

9 Effective Business Entrance Ideas 

There are many cost-effective business entrance ideas that improve curb appeal and provide other benefits. 

1. Clearly mark the business

clearly marked

If new customers occasionally walk in unsure of whether they’re in the right place, that’s a sign a business needs better marking. Address, business name, logo, and hours of operation should be highly visible on the entrance door or nearby surface. If roadside signage is possible, even better.  Not only do customers have an easier time finding businesses with effective signage, but it’s great company branding as well! 

2. Light the way


Businesses open in the evening or the early morning should have well-lighted entrances. It will make customers and staff feel safer, discourage accidents, and allow for greater vision of the surrounding area. Additionally, light can be used to direct customers into the entrance and away from other doors. 

3. Plants and flowers relax and comfort


Plants add a splash of color to the business and provide a surprising amount of benefits to people. Few business entrance ideas are as impactful as the presence of real plants. From reduced stress to improved productivity, there’s a lot to gain. Potted plants at an entrance also signal that the business is one that takes care of the little things. Real plants need constant care and attention, and if they thrive in your business, so will the customer.  

4. Invest in an entrance mat

Law Office Entrance Mats

A floor mat that protects customers and promotes the business makes a statement. High-quality logo mats accent the entrance and keep a business’s floors protected from debris and moisture from outside. While they can get dirty, a professional mat service will ensure mats are always clean and maintained. Garden State’s commercial mat service provides mat service to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Greater Delaware. Contact us for a free service quote or to speak with a representative.

5. Asses drainage


Rain, dirt, and debris accumulation near the entrance due to poor drainage can be problematic visually and for customer safety. Ensure the business is ready to receive customers no matter the weather.

6. Clean doors, windows, and walls regularly

cleaning window

If there’s a spider web forming in the corner or a film of dust covering door, it’s time to wipe things down. Cleanliness in a business, no matter the product, service, or industry, is an indicator of how well the business is run. Providing every reason to trust yours is essential.

7. Touch up the paint


A coat of paint can do wonders for a business’s entrance. Bright shades that match the company’s logo represent the brand and impress it upon customers. If it fits the aesthetic, consider a bold pattern! Alternatively, a clean look will make the business look fresh and inviting and will demonstrate company pride.

8. Pressure clean where needed

pressure clean

Pressure cleaning takes so little time and works wonders for dirty tile, concrete, brick and more! Even better, pressure cleaning is something that only needs to be done a couple times a year, and even less if the entrance accumulates dirt and grime slowly.

9. Consider a display

window display

Your entrance, if it includes any glass doors or windows, is often a first look into your business. What’s on display? Think carefully about your business type and brand to decide what elements of your work you should be showcasing. If you run a bakery, for example, highlighting some of your nicest cakes and pies is a great way to draw in customers. If you run a gym, placing your difficult fitness classes near a window can be a great way to show people walking by what your facility is capable of. Consider how you can grab people’s attention from outside your doors.

Make a grand entrance every day that you’re open.

Revamp your business entrance with an entrance mat, paint job and more!

Everything in your business is going to deteriorate over time, so make sure that you’re always on top of your business entrance, whether you’re investing in a frequent entrance mat service or retouching your paint job. A new look is always welcome!