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Doylestown, PA Mat Rental Services

Floor care and safety have never been easier than with the help of high-quality, commercial-grade floor mats only from the most reliable name in Doylestown, PA mat rental services: Garden State Mat Rental!

Top-Notch Service, Top-Notch Product Selection

Garden State Mat Rental offers you the widest range of commercial-grade floor mats for different businesses across different industries! We can give you options from our regular indoor and outdoor floor mats to our more specialized safety floor mats.

We offer:

Classic Logo Mats

Our classic logo mats feature the unbeatable combination of high-definition 3D graphics quality and heavy-duty nitrile rubber backing for topnotch traction and durability for logo mats that ticks all the right boxes.

Classic Solutions Industrial Mats

Aesthetics? Check! Durability? Check! Heavy foot traffic? Easy! Expect all of this and more with Garden State Mat’s line of classic solutions industrial mats. They are ideal for use in almost every business – from high-rise offices to hardcore industrial workplaces.  

Scraper Mats

These scraper mats have everything you need to keep every bit of debris, moisture, and dirt off your floors. The highly-textured surfaces of Garden State scraper mats are designed for all-weather, heavy-foot-traffic situations, ensuring that minimal dirt will end up indoors

Kitchen Mats

The Garden State line of kitchen mats features the trifecta of kitchen mats: certified safe by no less than the National Floor Safety Institute, with excellent traction for effective anti-slip capacities, and anti-fatigue surface engineering for ergonomics and health. These are the kitchen mats that leave you wanting for nothing more – and perhaps are the only things missing from your commercial kitchen space!

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Upgrade your floor quality with anti-fatigue mats from Garden State Mat Rental. These floor mats are engineered for ergonomics, and designed for some of the most challenging and demanding industries – and Garden State Mat Rental made sure ours meet the highest standards on material integrity and durability.

Facility Services

We offer the products you need to keep your facility in tip-top shape:

Floor Care and Safety Solutions Done Right!

Garden State Mat Rental knows floor care! We combine precision floor care science and unmatched industry experience to bring you floor mats that meet the highest industry regulations and standards on safety, ergonomics, and cleanliness. They are ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications.

With Garden State Mat Rental, you are guaranteed floor mats that will deliver exactly the kind and level of floor care and safety solutions that you expect and need for your business – no matter which industry or how specific your requirements may be.

If we promised it, we will deliver it!

Learn more about our top-notch product selection and what else we can do for your business by calling 800-486-1581! Our experts will more than gladly walk you through our floor care solutions.  

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