villanova mat rental services

Villanova Mat Rental Services

All businesses in the Villanova area require material for their business centers. One of these objects is a quality floor mat. There are different forms of this purchase, and with Garden State Mat Rental, you are able to rent a mat service that will work with all your variety of needs. Whether it is for a quality slip-resistant mat or a valued mat that prevents fatigue, we have a large collection of mats for all purposes.

We Have a Large Collection of Mats and Facility Products

Our collection is filled with a wide range of mats that are for different occasions and suit different types of business needs. Some of these varieties are:

Classic Logo Mats

When looking for the traditional mat which encompasses style while also providing high traction, this is the mat for the job. We recreate any logos that your business requires and place them on a high-quality mat for your business. This is the best way to advertise for your own business, while also protecting your customers and employees safe from harm.

Classic Solutions Industrial Mats

These mats are built with nylon yarn which is created to deter ultra-violet radiation and static electricity buildup. These mats are extremely durable and are able to be washed, as well as being certified in slip resistance.

Scraper Mats

Certified in high traction, our scraper mats are extremely tough on grease and dirt, scooping up muck and grime from everyday mobility.

Kitchen Mats

For restaurants that require a lot of standing, these anti-fatigue kitchen mats are there for cooks when they are on their feet all day. These mats are also designed in order to prevent kitchen grease and oil from causing a slippery and unsafe floor.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

These mats are our most comfortable mats. They are intended to keep your employees comfortable for as long as they are on their feet. When standing on one of these high-performance mats, your employees in Villanova will feel more productive and positive knowing that they are being taken care of and are safe from limb damage due to standing for long periods of time.

Facility Services

Get your hands on the best facility cleaning products in all of Pennsylvania!

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