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Are you getting the best of your Haverford, PA commercial floor mat service? If you’re not getting satisfying product quality, customer support, and cleaning service, it’s time to switch! Leave no room for doubt or disappointment: go with Garden State Mat Rental!

Garden State Mat Rental is all about safety and quality and we deliver with efficiency and convenience.

Haverford, PA Floor Mats from Entrance to Exit

Garden State Mat Rental has one of the most complete selections of commercial floor mats in Haverford, PA. We have a wide variety of mat options, all certified safe by the National Floor Safety Institute.

We offer:

Classic Logo Mats

Classic logo mats are easy to find but the really good quality ones are hard to come by. Garden State Mat Rental makes sure you get the best mats for your facility, with better graphic quality, more durable materials, and even better maintenance services.

Classic Solutions Industrial Mats

Garden State Mat Rental is the Haverford, PA industrial floor mat expert. With extra durability and protection against wear and tear, heavy foot traffic, and excessive use, our industrial floor mats are going to withstand the demands of your business.

Scraper Mats

Keep your floors clean with the right scraper mats! Our scraper mats come in sizes and specifications designed to suit almost every business out there, meeting your needs for floor care, cleanliness, and safety.

Kitchen Mats

Our kitchen mats are high in quality but low in maintenance! These durable floor mats also feature an anti-fatigue surface for comfort. Additionally, they have a 100% nitrile backing for safety and are grease and oil resistant.  

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Increase comfort, not the cost or the hassle! Our anti-fatigue mats are ideal for use in the busiest of workplaces – from manufacturing plants to restaurant kitchens.

Facility Services

Garden State offers more than just mat rental services. Our facility products include:

The Best Floor Mats for Your Business

Garden State Mat Rental helps businesses in the Haverford, PA area maintain safe floors. With the right mix of top-notch products and excellent services, floor care is easy. We keep the highest standards in materials and service to keep your business safe and productive.

Whether you’re looking for items that will help keep your floors clean or increase your workplace ergonomics, we’ve got what you need! Our reliable customer service reps will make sure of that.

Whatever your business floor goals are, we are your people for that.  Sign up with us today!

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