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Garden State Mat is proud to service Levittown, PA with all its commercial mat and facility products. If are looking for high-quality Levittown mat services or bathroom products, you’ve come to the right place. 

Finding the right mat or facility service for your company is tricky. You don’t want just anybody to be in charge of supplying your business with the mats and products that it needs to function smoothly. You want a reliable, time-tested, customer-service-oriented provider who deals in only the best materials and supplies. Garden State Mat is here for you. 

Why Go With Garden State?

Since 1971, Garden State Mat Rental has been a leading supplier of quality floor mats. As a family-owned business, every customer gets the attention and service they deserve. We’re not tied down with corporate whims, shareholders, or anything other than you, the customer. With us, you’re more than a series of numbers, you’re a partner. 

We know the difficulties faced by business owners and do everything within our power to lessen those difficulties. 

We also know how much quality mats, maintained and well placed, can change the working environment for the better. Lobbies are more comfortable. Floors are safer and kept from damage. The better the mat, the less attention the floor needs. The better the facility products, the cleaner and safer your business is. 

Because of this, we don’t skimp. Your return and continued service are what we’re after. Not a quick buck from passing off lower quality products.

Get the Best Mat and Facility Services in Levittown from Garden State!

Give Garden State Mat Rental a shot today! We have:

Kitchen Mats

Up the ante on your commercial kitchen’s protection, hygiene, and safety with NFSI-certified kitchen mats from Garden State Mat Rental.

Scraper Mats

Our scraper mats are certified in high traction. They are extremely tough on grease and dirt, scooping up muck and grime. These mats are great for outdoor use!

Classic Solutions Industrial Mats

These industrial mats from our Classic Solutions collection are our most durable mats. They are capable of withstanding all types of hard work and are strong and last longer than traditional mats.

Classic Logo Mats

We combined top-notch technology in printing – including 3D images – and the best quality nitrile rubber mats to make for the perfect combination of form and function and they will stay that way even under the heaviest of foot traffic.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Our anti-fatigue mats are designed for outstanding comfort and durability; your employees can stand all the extra hours on their feet and your mats can stand all the extra years you put on to it.

Facility Services

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