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Metuchen Mat Rental Services

Garden State Mat Rental has been offering quality linen services in Metuchen and surrounding areas for over 4 decades. Nobody understands commercial cleaning needs better than we do, and with our staff of skilled, dedicated, and knowledgeable workers, we keep you clean and on schedule at all times. Garden State Mat Rental makes our customers our main priority, and we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices for a wide array of services.

Classic Logo Mats

We use state-of-the-art printing technology to print on our nitrile rubber mats for the perfect form and long-lasting function – and in sizes that suit your needs.

Classic Solutions Industrial Mats

Available in a variety of colors and custom sizes to suit your specific need, and features BASF solution dyed nylon that can withstand high foot traffic and repeated washing; nitrile rubber backing is added for superior slip resistance.

Scraper Mats

The top part features a mold tread surface for effective scraping of dirt and grime, and 100% nitrile rubber backing for great traction capacity; it also features anti-static capacities and does not curl or crack amidst high traffic and multiple washing.

Kitchen Mats

Designed for the demanding floor situations of commercial kitchens, Garden State kitchen mats feature anti-fatigue, antimicrobial, and anti-static facilities plus nitrile rubber backing for grease and oil resistance.

Anti-Fatigue Matting

Our high-quality anti-fatigue matting is designed not just to provide comfort for your workers who spend hours standing on their feet; it is also designed to provide more traction to prevent slips plus add protection for your floors against high foot traffic.

Facility Services

Get the finest cleaning products in all of New Jersey with access to Garden Mat’s facility services:

Garden State Mat Rental – Our Mission Statement Places Customers First!

A company can’t last for over 4 decades in the Metuchen area without offering stellar customer service, solid products, and high-quality services, all while respecting the time of our customers. We understand that our linen and floor mat services are essential to the safety of day-to-day operations at your business, so we provide the cleanest and safest mats on the market that are delivered directly to your door! A fleet of delivery trucks provides full service-area coverage, so you know that your mat and linen services will always be right around the corner.

Garden State Mat Rental – Partners in Safety

The inclement weather that we often experience in Metuchen and all over New Jersey creates a unique challenge for business owners. You must protect your customers and clients against accidental slips and falls that could become a liability. You also want to keep your business clean and free from mud, debris, and slush that detracts from a professional appearance and also requires a large time commitment to clean up. We offer mats, both large and small, to protect and enhance the appearance and safety of your business. We’re also proud partners with the National Floor Safety Institute.

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Let Garden State Mat Rental become your partner in safety, cleanliness, and business branding. Our custom-printed mats add a bit of panache to your business while covering your safety needs. We can help you to protect your floors and customers with our innovative mat and linen services offered in Metuchen. Call us today at 866.864.8399 for your free quote!

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