Mat Rental Service in Gloucester City, NJ

Your business doesn’t just need a service provider. What you need is a service partner – and the only mat rental service in Gloucester City you’ll ever need as your partner is Garden State Mat Rental!

Why Go With Garden State’s Mat Rental Service in Gloucester City?

Garden State is the leading partner for businesses in need of mats in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware. We have the best solutions for your biggest business needs!

Commercial Mat Rentals

Garden State specializes in providing and caring for the commercial mat needs of all kinds of businesses. Our NFSI-certified safe mat selections include:

Classic Logo Mats

Industrial Mats

Scraper Mats

Kitchen Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Towel Rental Services

Garden State Mat Rental is not just your premium choice for mat rental service in Gloucester City. We also specialize in towel and apron rental service. Our service is ideal for use in the food service and hospitality industries, maintained expertly to meet the hygiene and safety standards for these businesses. Our selections include:

Bar Towels

Kitchen Towels

Bath Towels

Beauty Shop Towels

Colored Aprons

White Aprons

Mop Rental Services

Keep your business space dust and dirt-free when you have the right tools on hand. Get yours from Garden State Mat Rental’s superior mop rental service! We have high-quality mats on selection, including top-notch wet mops, dust mops, and microfiber mops that are suitable for use in any facility across any industry. With Garden State, not only do our mop selections meet the highest standards for product quality. They also come with dependable, expert mop maintenance and delivery service.

Restroom Supply Services

Keep a fully-stocked restroom without risking shortages or going over budget or under-quality! Garden State offers a complete selection of paper products, including toilet tissues and paper towels, and hand hygiene essentials.

Make the Right Floor Mat Choice with Garden State Mat Today!

Garden State Mat Rental is the certified expert in mat rental service in Gloucester City. We have 5 decades of experience in the industry, servicing all kinds of businesses and industries. And our reputation – and long list of happy clients throughout the last 50 years – can speak for themselves.

If you’re looking for the right Gloucester mat service partner, the best choice is always Garden State Mat Rental.

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