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Maintaining clean, dry floors is important, and no one understands that better than Garden State Mat Rental. Not only do clean floors make your business look tidy and professional, but they also prevent safety hazards such as slip and falls.

People walk in and out of your business on a daily basis, and can leave dirt, water, and scuff marks amongst other stains on your floors. Dirty floors can also contain and transport bacteria. Alleviate these concerns by keeping the right tools on hand to ensure your floors stay sparkling.

This is where Garden State Mat comes in. While we are known for our mats, we also provide other high-quality floor solutions to help make your job easier! With over 40 years of industry experience, you can trust Garden State Mat to provide you with the floor care solutions you need.

That’s why we’re the leading choice for commercial mop rentals in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware!

Microfiber Mops

There are many benefits to cleaning with microfiber, including more effective cleaning with less hassle. Our microfiber mops are lightweight, easy to use, and designed to clean well while reducing water usage and cross-contamination.

Our microfiber mops offer up to fifty times the amount of filament found in traditional mops, helping to keep your floors cleaner than you thought possible.   

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Garden State Mat Rental has qualified, knowledgeable staff on hand to answer all of your questions and give you a free quote today. We will help you select the right options for your business floors, so you won’t have to worry about receiving the wrong product. In addition to mops, we offer mat services to further protect your facility from dirt, dust, liquids, and bacteria.

Our innovative floor care solutions and high-quality customer service has kept us on top of thousands of floors throughout the area since 1971. Let us help keep your floors clean today!

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