Mat Rental Service in Swedesboro, NJ

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Businesses in Swedesboro in need of clean mats or facility product management will find them through Garden State Mat Rental. We’re a local, New Jersey-based, family-owned company that knows the area and the problems businesses in it face. As such, we’re well-positioned to help. Here’s what our mat rental service in Swedesboro provides:

Commercial Mat Rentals

Garden State Mat Rental offers high-quality mats that serve a variety of functions. This includes everything from preventing floor damage to protecting against slips and falls. We offer each of the following through our mat rental service in Swedesboro:

Classic Logo Mats

This is our most popular type of mat. It’s perfect for high-traffic areas because it’s durable and easy to clean. Plus, it displays company logos, so it’s a great way to promote the brand.

Scraper Mats

These mats are perfect for businesses that have a lot of foot traffic. They’re made from durable rubber, designed to scrape dirt and debris off of shoes. Scraper mats are a great way to keep businesses clean and safe.

Industrial Mats

Industrial mats are ideal for businesses with heavy equipment. Their durable rubber efficiently protects the floors from damage caused by machinery.

Kitchen Mats

Our kitchen mats are the perfect tool for food & beverage businesses. Their design contains grease and spills, protecting the floor from decay and staff from slips and falls.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats help reduce stress on employee feet and legs. Many different industries require workers to remain on their feet for long periods and that’s why we offer our anti-fatigue mats.

Facility Services

Garden State Mat Rental specializes in floor care and facility cleaning products beyond mats. Our facility service in Swedesboro includes:

Mop Rental Service

Garden State Mat Rental offers a mop rental service that blends well with our mat service. We ensure optimum floor care and maintain every mop ourselves so they are always ready for use.

Towel Rental Service

We offer towel rental services for a variety of different businesses. Each towel is durable and absorbent, specialized for cleaning messes in specific industries.

Paper Products and Restroom Supplies

Garden State also offers paper products and restroom supplies to help our clients keep up with their facility cleanliness. Our route service reps keep an eye out for inventory needs on every visit so our clients never worry about running out!

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