Dust Mops

dust mops

Keeping your floors clean need not be a burden if you have the right tools. Give your facilities the best kind of clean with the right selection of dust mops only from Garden State!

Garden State specializes in the supply and maintenance of high-quality dust mops intended for use in commercial facilities. No matter the size of your business space or the amount of dust you have to deal with, trust that Garden State’s industrial-grade mops will finish the job for you!

Quality Mops that are Second to None

Our line of specialized dust mops has been hand-picked for quality that is yet to be matched by anything our competition offers. We have strict quality control standards in place to ensure that only the best dust mops are delivered to your business. Here are some of the aspects of our service:

  • Mops designed for industrial cleaning needs
  • A variety of dust mops to choose from to suit the specific cleaning requirements of different floor types and industrial spaces
  • Mop heads made of high-quality fabric and manufactured for durability, guaranteed to withstand challenging cleaning needs
  • Made of material that effectively picks up dust and other dry debris for the best cleaning results with less effort
  • Maintained to perfection to ensure efficiency and cleanliness at every delivery

Practical Solutions, Exceptional Quality

Garden State Mat is in the business of delivering efficient and practical solutions for our clients. Every service that we deliver and every product that we offer for rent has been picked for the excellence in the results that they deliver and our line of dust mops is a fine example of this.

Each Garden State mop is made for durability and superior cleaning power. Every part of the mop has been scrutinized to make sure that these standards are met, without exception.

We don’t do shortcuts. We don’t make excuses. Every item that passes through our hands has been inspected to ensure that it is up to par with our standards and yours.

For excellent products and precise services, call Garden State Mat!

For products that work and services that deliver, call Garden State Mat for your dust mop rental needs! Contact 800-486-1581 to get a free quote!