croydon mat services

If you’re looking for reliable Croydon mat services, don’t search “mat rental near me” just yet! Garden State Mat Rental is the premier service for businesses in or near Croydon. 

Here’s why:

High-Quality, Reliable Mat Rentals 

Mats are hugely important in your business. They protect employees from injury and wear. Quality mats also keep your customers safe from dangerous slip and falls. And your floors are kept polished for longer. 

Comfort is important to your employee’s energy and health. If they’re standing in one spot for a long time, they’re straining their muscles and putting constant pressure on their joints. If not insulated from the hard ground, these pressures can tire them early and distract from their duties. 

Quality materials ensure that comfort is maintained into the future. Low-quality mats will look and feel good for the first few weeks, but with enough use, that niceness starts to give. When a mat breaks down, it becomes more dangerous than helpful. It will crack, curl, and lose grip, becoming slipping hazards themselves! 

That’s why you need a reliable mat provider for your business. Not only will a reliable mat provider make sure you have only quality mats in your business, but they’ll maintain them for you. 

We Have the Mat and Facility Services You Need!

Garden State Mat Rental offers our clients each of the following high-quality products and services:

Classic Logo Mats

Superior form meets superior function with top-notch graphic quality logo mats. Our logo mats are dependably safe and durable! They look good, stay good, and belong front and center in your facility’s entrance.

Classic Solutions Industrial Mats

Our industrial mats are designed to suit your need for durability and endurance without compromising on the looks; the BASF solution-dyed nylon yarn is static resistant, UV-resistant, and both rich-color and multi-color variants are colorfast.

Scraper Mats

Certified in high traction, our scraper mats are extremely tough on grease and dirt, scooping up muck and grime from everyday mobility.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Stop wasting money and time on low-quality anti-fatigue mats. Get the best quality anti-fatigue mats in Croydon from Garden State Mat Rental. Our selections are effective, durable, and high traction.

Kitchen Mats

Prevent slip-and-fall lawsuits in your business by ensuring the safety of your restaurant kitchens with our kitchen mats; these have a certified high traction status from the National Floor Safety Institute and is fitted with an ergonomic anti-fatigue surface for unparalleled comfort.

Facility Services

Garden State Mat Rental is Your Reliable Provider

If your mats are more of a problem than an asset, all you need is somebody to care for them. At Garden State Mat Rental, mat care and maintenance is our specialty. When you have a professional service looking after your mat need, you’ll never have to worry about your mats’ effectiveness. 

To get started, give Garden State Mat Rental a call at (800) 486-1581, visit our website, or request a free quote