collingswood mat rental services

Collingswood Mat Rental Services

Garden State Mat Rental offers business owners in the Collingswood area an assortment of mat rental services suited for whichever needs your business requires. We range from mats for industrial businesses, hotels, restaurants, or just an ordinary company looking for a logo mat. Our collection is extensive and you can be sure that the mats you get with Garden State Mat Rental are made of the highest quality material.

Our Collection Has Something For Everyone

Unlike our competitors, we strive to provide a mat that will suit all your needs. Our mats are all made from excellent materials and are slip-resistant for guaranteed safety.

Classic Logo Mats

We combined top-notch technology in printing – including 3D images – and best quality nitrile rubber mats to make for the perfect combination of form and function and they will stay that way even under the heaviest of foot traffic.

Classic Solutions Industrial Mats

Our industrial mats are designed to suit your need for durability and endurance without compromising on the looks; the BASF solution-dyed nylon yarn is static resistant, UV-resistant, and both rich-color and multi-color variants are colorfast.

Scraper Mats

Say goodbye to dirt, mud, and grime from floors forever with scraper mats made with textured surface cleats to effectively scrape off dirt from shoes; superior traction is ensured by the nitrile rubber backing.

Kitchen Mats

Prevent slip and fall lawsuits in your own ward by ensuring the safety of your restaurant kitchens with our kitchen mats; it has a certified high traction status from the National Floor Safety Institute and is fitted with an ergonomic anti-fatigue surface for unparalleled comfort.

Anti-Fatigue Matting

Keep your employees happier and more comfortable for longer with our anti-fatigue mats that are designed to last even the most demanding of industries and workplaces.

Facility Services

Garden State provides the best facility cleaning products in all of New Jersey!

Contact Us Now To Get Excellent Mats

All businesses in Collingswood need a mat service that is safe and affordable. This is why we are so confident in our products that we are giving you the chance of getting a free quote from our pricing department. Our trusted mat specialists will point you towards the right path in getting a quality mat that will fit any of your needs, at a decent price. All you would have to do is call 800-486-1581 today and you will be able to step on a worthy mat in the Collingswood area in no time.

Interested in a Free Quote for your Business Needs?

Garden State Mat Rental can answer any questions you have about our mat rentals and other products. Request a Quote!

Customer service is available at 800-486-1581.