Mat Rental Service in Maple Shade, NJ

Garden State Mat Rental is the number one mat rental service in Maple Shade, NJ! We provide floor mats that are both high-quality and well-maintained for every budget so that your advertising efforts aren’t ruined by unsightly or hazardous flooring.

Commercial Mat Rentals

Garden State Mat Rental offers a wide range of NSFI-certified floor mats in a variety of styles to suit every business type:

Classic Logo Mats

Garden State Mat Rental’s classic logo mats will help you make a great first impression and come with high traction backs that prevent slipping!

Industrial Mats

Garden State Mat Rental not only gives you access to the highest quality industrial floor mats but also to the most dependable mat maintenance services available. This way, you can rest assured in both the quality and cleanliness of your work area.

Kitchen Mats

Garden State’s kitchen floor mat rental service in Maple Shade will give you peace of mind knowing your kitchen is clean. With new technology, our mats are guaranteed to be free of dirt, grease, and any other contaminants.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Only the highest-quality anti-fatigue carpets are used by Garden State Mat Rentals to improve the ergonomics of any office! To ensure that your staff is always comfortable, we obtain our commercial floor mats from some of the most reputable manufacturers.

Scraper Mats

For a clean workplace, Garden State Mat Rental has the ideal floor mats. Each mat uses high-quality, long-lasting materials that are excellent at collecting dirt and dust. You can count on Garden State’s industry experience to ensure that your floor mats continue to be in top form and ready to handle significant foot traffic on a daily basis.

Facility Services

Garden State Mat Rental isn’t just the most trusted mat rental business in New Jersey. We also provide high-quality maintenance supplies to our clients so that they can keep their workplaces clean. The following services are available:

Mop Rental Service

Garden State Mat Rental is a premier rental service for wet and dry mops, as well as microfiber mops. Our customers can always obtain clean mops whenever they need them, thanks to our rapid manufacturing processes.

Towel Rental Service

You can expect every towel to be clean, of high quality, and ready for usage when you work with the skilled and experienced staff at Garden State Mat Rental. We provide a variety of hospitality and food-service towels in a variety of colors, so you’re sure to discover what you’re looking for!

Paper Products and Restroom Supplies Service

Garden State Mat Rental offers everything you’ll need for your restroom, including linens, paper goods, and cleaning chemicals. With our automated supply replenishment service, you can count on Garden State Mat Rental to come on time and correctly.

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If you would like to begin mat rental service in Maple Shade today, please don’t hesitate to contact Garden State Mat Rental at 800-486-1581. You can also reach us by sending a message here!

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