atlantic highlands mat rental services

Atlantic Highlands Mat Rental Services

Companies, businesses, and people in Atlantic Highlands can now access the best supplies and mat rental services from a professional, reputable and excellent supplier. Garden State Mat Rental is the company that is revolutionizing commercial mat and towel rental as well as providing custom mats and restroom supplies in Atlantic Highlands. Among the services, it is offering are the Garden State Mat Rental services.

Garden State Has is Your Go-To Source for Atlantic Highlands Mat Rental Services

Your choice matters when it comes to mats, so there are a number of mats to choose from. Here is a general summary of our five most popular types of mats:

Classic Logo Mats

We combined topnotch technology in printing – including 3D images – and the best quality nitrile rubber mats to make for the perfect combination of form and function and they will stay that way even under the heaviest of foot traffic.

Classic Solutions Industrial Mats

Our industrial mats are designed to suit your need for durability and endurance without compromising on the looks; the BASF solution-dyed nylon yarn is static resistant, UV-resistant, and both rich-color and multi-color variants are colorfast.

Scraper Mats

Say goodbye to dirt, mud, and grime from floors forever with scraper mats made with textured surface cleats to effectively scrape off dirt from shoes; superior traction is ensured by the nitrile rubber backing.

Kitchen Mats

Prevent slip and fall lawsuits in your own ward by ensuring the safety of your restaurant kitchens with our kitchen mats; it has a certified high traction status from the National Floor Safety Institute and is fitted with an ergonomic anti-fatigue surface for unparalleled comfort.

Anti-Fatigue Matting

Keep your employees happier and more comfortable for longer with our anti-fatigue mats that are designed to last even the most demanding of industries and workplaces.

Facility Services

We offer the highest quality facility cleaning products in all of New Jersey:

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Garden State Mat Rental is a family business that was started in 1971. The business has been a trusted and leading supplier to many businesses in the Greater Delaware Valley of quality floor mats. The company offers a massive catalog of matting solutions of different colors, sizes, and purposes. It also offers other services such as custom logo mats, towel rental, and restroom supplies.

The solutions offered by the company ensure your business is running smoothly by providing various solutions. This ensures the products we supply you with can have both function and form, helping create a unified environment while also serving other business objectives e.g. branding and marketing. This is in addition to conventional functions such as providing hotel supplies and floor protection.

The service industry is highly competitive and high levels of customer satisfaction are critical to the success of a business in the industry. Mats play a critical role in some businesses like hotels and restaurants where cleanliness not only determines patronage the business enjoys but its remaining open as well.

Thus the mats used in your business must be fresh, clean, and of high quality. This is because the customer should see the evidence of the dedication and effort that went into serving them. At Garden State Mat Rental, we believe in serving our clients with the utmost dedication and effort to enable them to offer the same to their customers.

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