Wet Mops

While your customers may not compliment you on the cleanliness of your floors on a regular basis, they’ll definitely notice if they’re not clean. Spotless floors allow your customers to focus on what’s important – taking advantage of your products or services!

That’s why you need cleaning tools that will clean your floors as effectively and as efficiently as possible. Don’t run to your local store and just pick the cheapest mop option you can find – get your wet mops from Garden State Mat Rental! Generic mops wear out quickly, deteriorating fast and losing their ability to absorb water. But working with Garden State Mat Rental assures you that you’ll always have fresh wet mop heads on-hand to give your floors the best clean possible.

Rely on Our Wet Mops

Our selection of cut-end wet mops can be used for almost any application, from general mopping to applying finish. Our wet mops can handle anything your floors throw at them! Get a mop that works harder than you do.

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Have questions about our wet mop rental services? Our mop experts are waiting to help you talk through the best options for your business. We’ll provide you with a free quote so that you can figure out exactly how our services fit in with your business.

But our services don’t end with mops. We also provide a wide variety of floor mats that can protect your floors, reduce employee fatigue and prevent slip-and-fall accidents. From protection to maintenance, we have the floor care tools to keep your facility looking good from top to bottom. From dust mops to anti-fatigue mats, we have what you need. Why wait any longer when all your floor mat solutions lie with Garden State Mat Rental?

Trust the company that’s been serving businesses in your community since 1971. Contact us today for more information!