Center Pull Towels

center pull towels

Center-pull towels in your business should be comfortable to use and never-ending. One of the best ways to ensure your employees and customers can keep their hands dry at all times is with facility service by Garden State Mat Rental. We professionally source our paper products for comfort of use, durability, and user satisfaction.

Stop wasting time on last-minute shopping trips for your center-pull towels and other restroom paper products. Let Garden State Mat Rental take care of that for you!

The Most Convenient Solution to Your Restroom Supply Needs

“Mat Rental” might be in our name, but we can do so much more for your business. Our facility service for New Jersey businesses are second to none!


Providing customers in you business the highest quality hand-drying experience possible will make their overall experience in your business that much more enjoyable. With a soft texture and effective thickness, they’ll have dry hands and zero complaints.


A paper towel that breaks down when being used is annoying and not helpful. Provide customers and employees center a hand drying experience as dependable as your services.


Some paper towels have the are as soft as silk and just as absorbent. That isn’t good. The center roll paper towels we provide blend the comfort of soft tissue with the absorbent properties necessary to dry hands fully.

Garden State Mat Rental’s complete and efficient restroom supply solutions let you take charge of your restroom needs effortlessly. The prices are always friendly, the deliveries are always on time, and our team of experts is always ready to address your needs.

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