springfield mat rental services

Springfield Mat Rental Services

Did you know that 2 million sick days are lost to businesses across America because of lower back and leg pains from standing for long hours at work? These are the kinds of pains that you would have prevented had you installed anti-fatigue mats in your Springfield workplace! With Garden State Mat Rental servicing all Springfield mat rental needs, you won’t only have your employees working more comfortably, but you’ll also help keep your floors clean. Contact us today to get your anti-fatigue mats installed!

All the Mats and Facility Products You Need

Garden State Mat Rental is your one-stop solutions shop for all your matting and facility service concerns and for every department in your Springfield place of business:

Classic Logo Mats

Printed using topnotch technology on mats with nitrile rubber backing for superior traction, anti-static and stain-resistant capacities; comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and printing options.

Classic Solutions Industrial Mats

Features BASF solution-dyed nylon known for resistance of dirt, durability even under heavy foot traffic, and can withstand multiple washing without fading; backing is made of 100% nitrile rubber for superior slip resistance.

Scraper Mats

Certified high traction by the National Floor Safety Institute and made of 100% nitrile rubber for superior traction; highly durable too and will not crack or curl even after heavy foot traffic.

Kitchen Mats

The perfect mats to match the demands of your commercial kitchen – nitrile rubber to prevent slips from grease and oil; high scraping qualities to absorb oil and dirt from spreading around the kitchen; and anti-fatigue surface for supreme comfort for workers.

Anti-Fatigue Matting

Made with high-quality materials that combine efficient anti-fatigue properties and floor protection.

Facility Services

Get in touch with us today for facility cleaning solutions that will make your business shine!

We Have Everything You Need

Everything your place of business needs for matting and floor safety solutions are available at Garden State Mat Rental – from the entrance to the exit. To know more about our products and services, call our hotline at 800-486-1581.

Interested in a Free Quote for your Business Needs?

Garden State Mat Rental can answer any questions you have about our mat rentals and other products. Request a Quote!

Customer service is available at 800-486-1581.