Mat Rental Service in Sewell, NJ

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Don’t let dirty, unsafe floors sully branding efforts. Get high-quality, well-maintained floor mats from the number 1 mat rental service in Sewell, NJ: Garden State Mat Rental!

Commercial Mat Rentals

Garden State Mat Rental offers a complete selection of NSFI-certified floor mats for every area in your business space:

Classic Logo Mats

Create a great impression with high-quality classic logo mats from Garden State Mat Rental! These mats feature outstanding graphics and high traction backing, combining superior form and function.

Scraper Mats

Keep dirt and dust at bay with the highly-effective scraper floor mats only from Garden State Mat Rental! Each floor mat is made of durable materials and features superior dirt-trapping capabilities. With Garden State’s mat maintenance expertise ensures clean, conditioned floor mats are ready to take on heavy foot traffic.

Industrial Mats

Garden State Mat Rental offers not just high-quality industrial floor mats. We also offer the most reliable mat maintenance service that ensures the quality, safety, and cleanliness of industrial essentials.

Kitchen Mats

Secure the kitchen cleanliness and safety with highly-effective kitchen floor mat rental service in Sewell from Garden State! We use the best mat laundering service to make sure that every floor mat is dirt- and grease-free and in the best, safest condition.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Enhance the ergonomics of the business space with top-notch anti-fatigue mats from Garden State Mat Rental! Our line of anti-fatigue mats is sourced from some of the most trusted brands in commercial floor mats. This ensures our clients can always expect effective and durable mats for their employees’ comfort.

Facility Services

Garden State Mat Rental is not just the most dependable mat rental service in Sewell. We also specialize in the supply of high-quality maintenance products that help ensure the cleanliness of our clients’ business spaces. We offer:

Mop Rental Service

We offer a selection of high-quality wet mops, dust mops, and microfiber mops. Our efficient and timely product deliveries make sure that our clients have consistent access to clean mops for their daily cleaning needs.

Towel Rental Service

Garden State Mat Rental also offers a wide selection of hospitality and food service towels, as well as aprons of various colors. In the capable hands of Garden State Mat Rental, every towel is reliably clean, high-quality, and ready to use.

Paper Products and Restroom Supplies Service

Stock up on restroom supplies with ease and confidence with help from Garden State Mat Rental! Our automatic supply replenishment service ensures on-time, accurate deliveries that protect against supply shortages.

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