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Newark Mat Rental Services

The bad news is, some of the most common claims and costs for a business are caused by slips and falls. The good news is, there are ways to avoid these accidents so you can keep your employees and customers safe. One of the most efficient ways to prevent them is investing in mats made of high-quality nitrile rubber designed for outstanding slip-resistance, and the best company in Newark to provide the ideal mats is Garden State Mat Rental.  Our mats are designed with safety, cleanliness, and comfort in mind so you are assured that they are efficient and are cut above the kind of mats you find elsewhere.

Widest Range of Mats and Facility Products Available

Whether you need it by the entrance, by the fridge, all throughout the kitchen, or on the production line, Garden State mats will give you all the best properties you need and the stability to match:

Classic Logo Mats

Logo mats should never just look good – they should also be purposeful and this is exactly what our logo mats: printed with superior printing technology with colorfast properties on 100% nitrile rubber-backed mats for slip-resistance.

Classic Solutions Industrial Mats

Our industrial mats hold high traction certification from the National Floor Safety Institute and are made of materials that can withstand multiple washings, bleach, and sunlight exposure, making them ideal both indoor and outdoor. They also withstand heavy foot traffic.

Scraper Mats

Minimize the need for floor maintenance with scraper mats that have specialized textured surface cleats that scrape off every nook and cranny of every shoe sole that passes through; backed with 100% nitrile rubber for durability and slip-resistance.

Kitchen Mats

Prevent slips and falls as well as pains from prolonged standing at work with our ergonomic anti-fatigue kitchen mats; the top is designed for comfort, the back is designed for safety against slipping and falling over kitchen grease.

Anti-Fatigue Matting

Our anti-fatigue mats are designed for outstanding comfort and durability; your employees can stand all the extra hours on their feet and your mats can stand all the extra years you put on to it.

Facility Services

Our facility cleaning products are perfect for keeping your business in tip-top shape! They include:

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