commercial bathroom ideas

Your Guide to Commercial Bathroom Design

Is your commercial bathroom design bringing you good business?

Public toilets do not exactly enjoy a good reputation and it affects businesses more than most owners realize. A recent study showed that consumers tend to have a negative perception of businesses with poorly-maintained restrooms, interpreting lax restroom care as a lack of care for the customer. Would you really want to flush down all the effort you put into your business down your moldy, stained toilets?  

The good news is, your restrooms do not have to fall in that same lump of bad reputation. There are plenty of ideal commercial bathroom ideas to go around – and we are sharing some of them in this handy guide!

Commercial Bathroom Ideas

Whether you are looking to improve on your current structure or are building from scratch, here are some handy commercial bathroom ideas that will be a hit with both clients and employees alike!

A little light goes a long way. Better lighting can do wonders for the overall look of your restrooms. Replace your drab, blunt, and unflatteringly harsh fluorescent lights with softer ones and strategize on the placement. It gives your bathrooms a fancier appearance, which does not hurt your business’ overall image one bit.

Keep the look cohesive with the image your brand is trying to project. Your commercial bathroom is as much a part of your image as your lobby is. Create a look for your restroom that works well with the overall aesthetics of your business space.

Modern restroom technology works wonders. Explore the more complex and smarter innovations in restroom technology. For instance, a transition to touchless technology may help lessen the transfer of bacteria on frequently touched objects in restrooms (i.e. faucet knobs, soap and sanitizer dispensers, flush levers/buttons). Plus, these high-tech solutions can easily make any restroom look like a million bucks.

Make an investment in the “small” things. Your choices in the smaller elements of your commercial restroom matter more than you think. Customers appreciate the attention given to little details like bag hooks, doors, little ledges to prop their shopping bags on, and even the kind and style of your partition walls.

Long-Term Maintenance for Commercial Bathrooms

But this handy guide would never be complete if it only stopped with commercial bathroom ideas. Here are some tips to help you keep your bathrooms better for the long-term:

Keep your restroom smelling clean. One of the most common complaints against public toilets is the smell. While calls of nature almost always come with certain odors, there are two main reasons why they linger: poor hygiene and poor ventilation. A good ventilation fan and stocking up on air fresheners should easily do the job, along with thorough and regular cleaning and maintenance of every part of the restroom – from the sides of the toilets and urinals, floor drains, walls to the air vents.   

Stock up on resources. There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck in a toilet cubicle without toilet paper. Stay on top of your toilet paper, soap, and sanitizers with a comprehensive commercial facility service that keeps your supplies coming before they even get a chance to run out.  

Guard against moisture. Moisture is the biggest enemy of a clean commercial bathroom. All sorts of filthy things – from molds and mildew to foul odors – are born from neglected moisture. Avoid these unpleasant scenarios with regular cleaning and proper restroom floor matting.

Give your restrooms and your business a good reputation with the help of these commercial restroom ideas and a dose of help from Garden State Mat Rental! Contact us today at 800-486-1581 to learn more about our services or to get a free quote!