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Businesses That Can Benefit from Anti-Fatigue Mats

Does only one type of business come to mind when hearing the word “anti-fatigue mat”? Well, it is not just restaurants or industrial facilities that benefit from renting out anti-fatigue mats. In fact, these floor mats are versatile for any type of company.  Here are the types of businesses we service:

  • Medical facilities- Surgeons and medical professionals spend a majority of their time on their feet. To soothe aching pains, we offer anti-fatigue floor mats to these places of business.
  • Restaurants- Waiters, chefs, and hosts stand for hours in the restaurant business. Anti-fatigue floor mats prevent limb damage and pain by easing the pressure applied while standing for long periods of time.
  • Industrial plants- When working with machinery in industrial plants, it is vital to be provided high-quality slip-resistant mats.
  • Automotive centers- Anti-Fatigue floor mats can be found in the service department or out on the sales floor of automotive centers. We provide high-quality floor mats to assist sales people during long stands or walks across the sales department, or service technicians repairing vehicles requiring high-grade anti-fatigue mats which are also slip resistant.
  • Hotels- Concierge desks require employees to stand on their feet days on end. These employees can prevent foot pain by utilizing high-quality anti-fatigue floor mats.

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