How Lazy Commercial Restroom Maintenance is Costing You Business + 3 Ways to Improve

What could possibly be worse than getting served bad food in a restaurant? If your answer is “dirty restrooms,” count yourself amongst the 95% of people in this survey who said they’d completely avoid restaurants that gave them a negative restroom experience.

And by negative restroom experience, they mean anything from lack of toilet paper to mildewed walls to smelly toilets.

This is not a problem exclusive to restaurants. Businesses in the hospitality, healthcare, retail, and service industries also suffer from poor customer return rates due to unpleasant restroom experience, as revealed in this study.

However, it is not at all surprising why such a small part of your commercial space has such a large impact to your business. Restrooms are, after all, the filthiest parts of any building.

Most customers equate the overall cleanliness of an establishment with the state of its restrooms. And while your customers certainly know that there have been hundreds of other strangers who have visited your restrooms to do their “dirty deeds,” the last thing they’d want is a reminder of this rather unpleasant fact.  

Poor Commercial Restroom Maintenance Reflects Badly On Your Business

Poorly maintained restrooms can cause you to miss out on the opportunity for repeat business. It is important to know the reasons customers value a clean restroom so you understand why to always keep yours in tiptop shape.

Clean restrooms earn customer confidence. A well-maintained bathroom space gives your customers the impression that you care about their comfort, convenience, and overall wellbeing. This meticulous attention to detail reassures your customers that you will be able to provide the same level of care for the services that you are offering. Meanwhile, dirty restrooms are just little shrines of neglect, poor management, and a glaring reminder of lost business.

Protect Your Employee and Customer Health with Clean Facilities

While medical professionals are certain that shared public restrooms are not dirty enough to give you those serious diseases your mother warned you about (you know, like STDs and flesh-eating infections), they still host a great variety of disease-causing microbes. Everything from the toilet seat to the faucet to the door knobs carry germs that are a threat to people with weaker immune systems.

Keeping your business restrooms germ-free at all times means that you’re protecting your customers from diseases like pneumonia, common colds, and flu. But, more importantly, you are keeping a clean, safe, and healthy environment for your workforce. After all, fewer sick days equal higher productivity and better business!



Tips for Better Restroom Maintenance

Stay on top of your restroom maintenance with these tried and true tips:

1. Implement a three-tier cleaning plan.

Proper restroom sanitation requires spot cleaning, daily cleaning, and a deep clean. So, make sure you have employees on hand to regularly check your bathroom to spot clean by doing things like wiping up small spills and changing out trash can liners, do a surface cleaning every day, and do an in-depth cleaning regularly to keep your bathrooms pristine long-term.

2. Invest in high-quality restroom mats.

Nothing spells nasty like wet puddles on restroom floors. Invest in restroom mats that not only keep the floors dry but also double as anti-slip mats for maximum functionality. This way, you can keep your restrooms looking clean and also protect both your floors and your company from slip-and-fall accident lawsuits.

3. Stock up on supplies.

Partner with a reliable facilities management company like Garden State Mats to keep you on top of your paper, soap, and other restroom supplies. Garden State will not only make sure you never run out but also help you find options that are economically efficient and better suited for your specific business restroom needs.

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