Ten Tips For Business Managers To Cut Facility Energy Costs

Saving money on energy costs is one of the most coveted habits of a successful business manager. However, just like waking up early every day or developing a daily workout routine, it may be difficult getting started with this habit.

Therefore, we have devised a list of ten ways to cut energy costs in your business:

1. Turn off all lights when the business is closed.

2. Invest in solar energy panels.

3. Keep your AC on Auto, not ON. Therefore, it will shut off when the temperature reaches preferred temperature and will not continue running.

4. Turn off all electronic appliances, like computers, phones, and power adapters, when closed.

5. Limit your usage with space heaters.

6. Call maintenance managers ASAP when noticing a problem with your HVAC system to prevent additional problems and charges.

7. Close windows and doors whenever possible.

8. Replace inefficient lighting.

9. Educate and encourage your employees in ecofriendly behaviors.

10. Install motion sensor devices that automatically shut off lights when there isn’t anyone in the room.

These are some simple ways to start saving energy and keep the habit to cut energy costs for your business. Contact us and we will provide you with assistance in how else you can save money for your business, such as our quality facility services. Garden State Mat Rental is well known for our green commitment, our floor mats are 100% PVC Free. Call us now at 800-486-1581 and get in touch with our qualified mat professionals today.