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How to Choose the Right Paper Products for Your Commercial Restroom

There are few scenarios more nightmare-inducing than finding yourself trapped in a public restroom and realizing that the dispenser is completely empty. And perhaps we can all agree that what makes it so terrifying is the fact that the likelihood of finding yourself in such a predicament is high. Satisfactorily clean and well-maintained public restrooms are difficult to find. From the users’ end of things, the lack of paper products remains one of, if not the biggest, public restroom complaints coming from employees and customers alike.

Toilet Paper Concerns: From the Company’s Perspective

But the issue of paper products and their availability in commercial restrooms is not the consumers’ problem alone; it ranks as one of the chief concerns from the management side as well. Not only is there an incessant need to keep the supply full, but businesses must also find the balance between meeting customers’ restroom expectations to leave a positive consumer experience and getting paper products supplies that will not break the bank.

How do you choose paper products for your facility’s restrooms? Which paper products are essential to your business’ restroom and which ones can you honestly do without? When the item is one that needs to be purchased in bulk, these are the questions that you need to answer before committing to a large-scale purchase. We’ll show you how to answer them.

Finding the Right Products

Here are some ways you can address your restroom paper product needs better:

Identify your needs and goals for your restroom. Like the rest of your business, your restroom’s aesthetics and essentials should be congruent with the rest of the company image you wish to present, as well as a thorough consideration of which things would be most beneficial for your clientele.

Set up criteria for selection. In choosing your restroom paper products, you need criteria for qualities against which you measure your options. This can include cost, accessories, product quality, and product types, etc.  

Explore your product options. When it comes to paper products for the commercial restroom, the options are virtually endless. When you’ve identified your needs, you’ll know which options to consider.

Find supply solutions. Out of all the things mentioned on this list, this is perhaps the most important concern to address: how do you plan to supply your restrooms with the paper products that you need? The demand for toilet tissue and paper towels is never-ending, so you need to set out strategies that will ensure a constant supply of paper products in your restrooms.

Is a Third-Party Facility Service Right For Your Business?

The most popular alternative to having to take care of restroom supplies yourself is to hire a third-party facility maintenance service provider. But what exactly can they bring to the table? How can your business benefit from these services and are they right for your business? Below is a list of things that you can expect from a reliable facility services and restroom supplies provider:

1. High-quality restroom products.

Compared to having to buy your products from warehouses, sourcing them from a specialized restroom supplies provider opens you up to a wider range of better-quality options that would not have been available from regular retailers.

2. Regularly scheduled deliveries.

Restroom supply programs save you from the hassle of having to make last-minute runs for every little thing. You’ll know exactly when your next supply delivery is coming.

3. Consistently sufficient supply.

With a service provider taking care of your supplies, you’ll never have to worry about running low on any of your paper products.

4. Usage tracking for better supply volume predictions.

Some service providers offer more comprehensive facility maintenance solutions on top of your regular deliveries. This often includes tracking your usage and predicting trends to help you better anticipate restroom supply demands, further eliminating risks of your commercial restrooms ever running low on paper supplies.  

5. Provision of all the necessary accessories.

Some commercial restroom supplies providers offer well-rounded solutions and make sure that your paper and other restroom products are offered more presentably and professionally. And this they achieve by providing all the necessary accessories for your restrooms (e.g. dispensers).  

6. Cost-, storage- and time-efficient solutions.

Having a service partner that will take care of your restrooms means never having to worry about paper products and restroom supplies ever again. This means the total elimination of last-minute shopping trips for tissues, saving on costs via bulk purchases, and never having to worry about storage for your rolls and bottles. It saves you time, money, storage, and the stresses that come with managing a busy commercial restroom. The right service partner gives you the freedom to focus on the core elements of your business and the peace of mind knowing that you’re meeting your customers’ and employees’ needs.

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