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How to Pick the Right Backing for Your Floor Mats

Not all floor mats are created equal; some may be more ideal for your needs than others. Size and appearance are often the main concerns that business owners have when choosing their floor mats. However, the value and suitability of your floor mat backing material plays a vital role.

Vinyl or Rubber?

When it comes to floor mat backing, there are two materials that vie for the most popular spot: vinyl and rubber. Here’s a comparison of each of these choices to help you decide:

Rubber Backing

Rubber floor mats are some of the most widely available types of mats due to their versatility. They can be used on both hard and carpeted surfaces. 

Cleated rubber floor mats are ideal for carpeted floors because they minimize creeping and sliding over the soft surface. Composite rubber is ideal for hard flooring. Rubber floor mats are especially known for their durability. They don’t curl or crack when they are exposed to harsh weather, are rolled frequently for storage, or are subjected to heavy foot traffic. 

Because of their high traction, they are also one of the safer options in floor mat backing. Rubber-backed floor mats are low-maintenance because they can be laundered. You don’t have to worry about the amount of dirt and debris they hold on to. A quick trip to the washers should not damage their effectiveness or appearance.

Vinyl Backing

The cheaper of the two, vinyl-backed floor mats are designed exclusively for hard floors like concrete and polished tiles. Their smooth texture makes them unable to grip soft surfaces like carpeted floors. This smoothness, however, allows them to stay fully in contact with hard floors, eliminating creeping. 

Unfortunately, they are not as versatile as their rubber counterparts. They are not ideal for areas with heavy traffic. They are also susceptible to curling and cracking and are not machine washable. Cleaning and maintenance are limited to hosing and vacuuming.

How to Make the Right Choice

Both rubber and vinyl-backed mats have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. You should pick the option that suits your needs best. Consider the following criteria to help you decide:

  • M – Main purpose. Different kinds of mats address different needs and sometimes, rubber-backed floor mats are more ideal than vinyl. Sometimes it’s the other way around. Either way, a clear idea of your business’s mat demands will help you decide. 
  • A – Area. Are you putting your mats in an area with a lot of direct sunlight? Is there heavy foot traffic in said location? Matching your floor mat backing of choice with variables of your intended location will help get the best results. 
  • T – Time for Maintenance. Different floor mat backing materials have different tolerances for foot traffic and maintenance. A heavy-footed traffic space close to entrances will do better with rubber. Otherwise, a vinyl-backed floor mat is your go-to option for areas with little to moderate traffic far from entrances.

Quality Guaranteed

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