slip and fall prevention

The Science of Slip and Fall Accidents

Understanding why slip and fall accidents happen is the key to preventing them. With the right knowledge and preparation, any business can make slip and falls less likely while strengthening their legal position. To find out what’s important, keep reading! 

Slip and Fall Physics

With slip and falls, everything is in the physics. Safe movement requires sure footing, controlled momentum, and centered gravity. Keeping these factors constant for every individual in your business is difficult. This is especially true for businesses prone to variables that weaken those constants. Here are some aspects of safe movement to consider when thinking about slip and fall safety in your business:


A key aspect in slip and fall accidents is a momentary lack of friction. The connection between our feet and the ground is the only source of movement available to us. When that connection is weakened or removed, even for a split second, the results can be disastrous. 

In cartoons, this effect is commonly shown with banana peels. By combining the forward momentum of walking or running with sudden loss of friction, animators create hilarious moments on the screen. In reality, these dangers aren’t so funny, and not so obvious. Unlike the bright yellow banana peel, most falls are caused by variables like water, oil, ice, and unsafe footwear. 

Some businesses are more prone to those variables than others, but versions of the same problem exist in every environment. Outdoor elements, refrigerator condensation, cooking materials, grease, cleaning supplies and activities, all are potential inhibitors of friction. 


Momentum is another factor to consider when trying to prevent slip and falls in your workplace. Though momentum carries us through the day, it is a delicate force that is easily disturbed by everyday variables. The enemies of controlled momentum are the same as friction, as momentum is the result of reliable friction. When that constant is interrupted by a variable like water, grease, or fruit skin, that shift can have dangerous consequences. 

The more momentum a person has, the harder the fall they will experience. Discouraging unnecessary quickness in the workplace is vital for limiting the severity of slip and fall accidents. 


The primary culprit in slip and falls is, of course, gravity. Without gravity to pull people to the ground, we’d just have whimsical slips. Though an inescapable factor of earth-dwelling life, gravity can be managed by discouraging certain movements. Over-extending, excess momentum, and uncentered gravity can cause slips. Thankfully, there are preventative measures to take to combat gravity’s dangerous possibilities. 

How to Prevent Slip and Falls

The secret to preventing slip and falls is by controlling the physical variables that result in them. Friction, momentum, and gravity can be used to your advantage if you’re prepared. Here’s how to prepare: 

High-Quality Mats

Having high-quality floor mats at high-traffic or high-volatility areas of your business can drastically reduce the likelihood of accidents. Not only that, but they may improve your legal position should somebody get injured in your business and sue. 

Professional-grade mats from a qualified and experienced mat service like Garden State Mat Rental can help. We have every mat your business needs for any area or condition. To name a few, we have:

  • Industrial Mats

Constructed of the most durable materials available, Industrial Mats by Garden State Mat are useful in most areas of your business. Our 100% Nitrile rubber backing ensures slip resistance and consistently safe standing area. With certified “high traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute, your employees and customers can go about their day comfortably and safely.  

  • Kitchen Mats

For one of the more variable-filled areas of your business, our line of kitchen mats is ready to protect. Apart from providing absolute traction no matter what liquids land on the floor, our kitchen mats have anti-microbial and anti-static properties. 

  • Scraper Mats

Scraper mats are the vanguard of your business’s entrances. They’re responsible for knocking off slip-inducing substances like ice, dirt, and water, and do their job well. Durable and engineered long-term usefulness, scraper mats keep your floors clean for a long time. They also provide unparallelled traction in any outdoor environment. When there’s snow and ice on the ground, that’s a benefit that can’t be oversold.

Garden State Mat Rental is Your Slip and Fall Protector

Garden State Mat Rental is the professional, on-time, and reliable mat service your business needs. To ensure the science of slip and fall is on your side, give us a call at (800) 486-1581, request a quote, or visit our website.