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Mat Rental Benefits for New Jersey Businesses

What does your business get from floor mats and how can floor mat rental benefits help it? What really is to gain from floor mat rental, and what can be lost from it? Are there enough mat rental benefits to justify the cost of service?

The True Worth of Floor Mats for your Business

When you invest in floor mats, you’re really investing in a couple of things: floor safety, cleanliness, and appearance.

  • Safety. Slip, trip and fall incidents rank as one of the two major causes of workplace fatalities in New Jersey. For the rest of the country, it accounts for 15% of workplace fatalities. Slip and falls also account for the most common and well-known of the so-called “shopping-related injuries”. These injuries cost businesses tens of thousands in injury claims every year. Fortunately, the majority of these accidents are preventable with cleaning and maintenance practices and NFSI-certified floor mats.
  • Cleanliness. Nearly 80% of all the dirt that gets into your business space comes through the front door. If you have a particularly busy business, with a revolving door of heavy foot traffic, you could use some help. A good floor mat lineup – with scrapers and wipers, ideally – can remove more than half of that amount. The rest is taken care of by the succeeding mats within your facility. Imagine what a day’s worth of trapped dirt your high-quality floor mats can hold!
  • Appearance. Custom mats and message and logo mats are easy and functional mats that also improve your business’s appearance. With the right mat, you can spruce up a bland or generic-looking space while highlighting your branding.

The True Worth of Floor Mat Rental Benefits for your Business

Anyone can buy floor mats. It may even seem to be the simple answer to your mat needs. One transaction and you own the mat. What is there not to like? No need for collaborations; no need for correspondences. Now you can place your mat and get back to business.

After a week or two, the mat’s looking a little dirty. A month later, it’s downright grimy and dirt is tracking in like there’s no mat. Two months later, after customer complaints, you’re back at the store purchasing another. Not ideal, but what could mat service offer to change this outcome?

  • Convenience. No matter your business’s size mat service convenience can make a world of difference. Put frankly, you’ll never have to worry about the appearance or usefulness of your mats again. A professional mat service will routinely replace and clean your mats.
  • Cleaner Results. With Garden State Mat Rental’s combination of expertise, experience, and equipment, there is no question that the results of our floor mat maintenance are going to be better than what your vacuum and at-home pressure washer can do.
  • Better Products. Garden State Mat Rentals gives your business access to a whole world of floor matting products that are either (a) of a much higher quality that what you can buy on retail or (b) more affordable than other high-quality products you can get on the market. Or both.
  • Partnership. There is nothing more satisfying to any business owner than knowing that everything is taken care of – and excellently at that. There’s nothing more peaceful than knowing that you always have someone watching your back, making sure that you don’t lose focus on the important things over the small but still essential things. That’s the kind of takeaway you get from Garden State Mat Rental’s services. It’s never just about an exchange of goods and services – it’s a partnership. It’s a friendship. How else could we last and thrive all these years in New Jersey’s commercial floor mat market without gaining friendships along the way?

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