mat rental vs ownership

Benefits of Mat Rental vs. Ownership

Are you still on the fence about whether to buy or rent your floor mats? That’s quite understandable. It’s a common conundrum among businesses. A mat rental service might, on the surface, seem like the less feasible option. Who wants to be strapped with a long contract anyway? That may be true, but there are undeniable benefits to mat rental that you can never get from mat ownership.

How does mat rental fare against mat ownership? Here are some pros that might just convince you to go the route of mat rental:

Professional Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are part and parcel of mat rental. This means that your business not only saves money and effort on keeping your mats clean, but you also get a better-quality clean granted, of course, that your mat rental service provider has the expertise, experience, and the facilities to provide exactly that.

With a reliable service partner, you won’t have to worry about squeezing in mat cleaning in addition to your already long laundry-list of tasks. You won’t have to waste time that you could be spending on bettering your business. You can focus all of your energy on your brand, as your clean floor mats come as scheduled.

Lower Cost 

Does being strapped with a rental contract really cost less than ownership? Are savings even possible with a mat rental service? Yes and yes! The most obvious cost benefit of mat rental vs. ownership is the absence of an upfront cost. Purchasing an industrial floor mat, depending on the size of the mat, can be expensive upfront, excluding installation, etc. 

The cost of maintaining floor mats in-house can add up too – especially if you are looking to maximize the lifespan of your commercial floor mats. To match up the quality of cleanliness that professional mat rental providers can offer requires investing in gear and technology. That will cost you a lot of money.

Some businesses, especially smaller ones, don’t have the freedom or flexibility for that. Renting, on the other hand, allows you to get the floor mat quality you want and need without having to dig too deep and too soon into your business’s savings. And with installation and maintenance already covered in these costs, you are looking at savings in the long-term.

Customer Support 

A reliable floor mat rental provider gives you an immense amount of support that you can’t get as a floor mat owner. Problems with delivery, supply volume, and urgent floor mat needs are all yours to bear if you own the floor mats. There are no last-minute replacements or repairs for damages, and no single hotline call for additional floor mat supply for extra-muddy days. There is no one to call for when you are having trouble with anything related to your business floor mats. 

With a full-service mat rental, someone always has your back where your floor care needs are concerned.

Mat Rental Services are NOT Created Equal

The benefits of renting floor mats vs. owning them are contingent on one important factor: your floor mat rental service provider. These benefits can only come from a service provider that has a proven track record of top-notch standards on product selection and well-rounded customer service.

If you’re ready to jump the gun on floor mat rental, make sure to work only with a company known for its integrity and reliability. Make sure to work only with Garden State Mat Rental!


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