How a Mat Service Protects Your Business

Floor Mats Protect Businesses

Hiring a mat service provider is the best, most reliable way to get higher-quality floor mats for your business. Mat service protects floors, but also provides far more matting options than traditional methods. Certainly more than can be supplied by your local hardware or furnishing store.

If you think that’s where the benefits end, though, you’re in for a surprise. Read on to learn more about what commercial door mat service can do for you!

What a Mat Service Provider Can Do To Protect Your Business

The quality of your floor mat is only the beginning of what your mat service provider can do for you. Here are all the other things that you can get with the right commercial door mat service expert:

The Right Floor Mats for Your Needs

There is no such thing as an all-around mat. There are multi-purpose mats, but they’re not intended to fulfill every single need of every single area. Nobody has yet created all-in-one floor mats. That’s why knowing what is available for every floor problem is key in solving those issues!

For example, you can get slip-resistant anti-fatigue floor mats that do well in the restaurant kitchen and surgical theaters. However, they have none of the cleaning and brushing capacities of the scraper mats. Different areas have different needs. Your commercial door mat service provider service partner should walk you through your options.

Whether you’re trying to:

the right floor mat provider can show you what your business can benefit from, and show you the difference they’ll make.

The Best Maintenance for Your Floor Mats

Mats are not made equal, and their maintenance needs vary as well. Unprofessional, improper, or insufficient cleaning methods generate risks for your business. For one, cleaning that’s too harsh can damage your floor mats and thin them out prematurely. This will leave you with mats that curl on the edges or poor traction, making them slip-and-fall risks.

Additionally, poor maintenance can also leave you with unhygienic floor mats that harbor dirt, pathogens, mold, and more nasty stuff. Moreso, the sight of dirty floor mats can also leave your business space looking neglected and dirty. That’s no way to make an impression.

Keeping Your Floor Care Costs Down

Heavy foot traffic. Soil, moisture, and grime. These are just some of the things that the right floor mats can protect your floors from. Without the right floor mat service, you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars in floor maintenance. With high-quality floor mats that are maintained properly, you can postpone these costly repairs for a long time.

Protecting Your Employees from Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Slip-and-fall accidents cost upwards of $30,000 in claims and average 31 sick days annually. A commercial door mat service provider makes sure your mats are in tiptop shape, lowering your risks for these types of injuries! This is especially important to preserve traction through heavy use and washing.

Garden State Mat Rental is the Right Mat Service Provider

Interested in saving on cost, floor damage, and employee and customer liability? The right floor mat service provider can protect your business. It’s high time you experience that kind of protection and peace of mind. Take no risks and gamble not on your business’s future and reputation.

Contact Garden State Mat Rental today at (800) 486-1581 for inquiries. Let’s talk floor mats!