Restaurant Mats

Tips To Maintaining Restaurant Mats

Restaurant mats are always struggling to be maintained due to a variety of events that occur. Restaurant workers are constantly on their feet, therefore the high amount of traffic may wear down the floor mats faster. There is always the issue of slippage from beverages and food products.

Here are some ways you can keep your restaurant floor mats clean and appearing still brand new:

  • Cleaning daily- Cleaning these floor mats daily is one way to keep them in shape. This does not mean to do a deep exfoliation, however. This simply means to gently brush off all dirt and grime with a bristled broom. Keeping the floor mats clean from dirt will keep the dirt from piling on and creating a large mess.
  • Cleaning underneath- Cleaning underneath the floor mats will keep the mats clean as well. They will remain in their prime condition, without dirt and dust seeping through the underside. If dust collects beneath the mats, this will damage the mats quickly, as it will wear down any slip-resistant properties and require a replacement sooner.
  • Vacuuming- Indoor floor mats should be vacuumed occasionally. Wet/dry vacuums are beneficial in restaurants because it will clean up any spillage from food and liquid products.

Cleaning your floor mats may be tedious work, but it is necessary when dealing with restaurant mats. These floor mats are responsible for keeping your employees and customers safe while providing a clean, anti-slip environment in your kitchen as well. Garden State Mat Rental provides a quality mat rental service where we will replace your old floor mats with fresh, new ones for a low cost. Contact us today at 800-486-1581 and get in touch with our quality floor mat specialist today.