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Floor Mat Design Ideas That Will Impress Your Customers

Every business needs high-quality floor mats. From making your business look professional to protecting your floors from dirt, moisture, and scuff marks, floor mats serve a variety of important purposes. 

Choosing the perfect floor mat doesn’t have to be hard when you work with a company like Garden State Mat Rental. We’ve been helping businesses like yours since 1971! We know that when choosing a floor mat for your establishment, there are many design options to choose from.

You want to choose a design that showcases your brand while still looking high-quality and professional. 

Here are three floor mat design ideas that will impress your customers:

1. Your Business’s Name

One great way to design your floor mats is to incorporate your business’s name. You want your customers to walk into your establishment and immediately recognize your brand. Floor mats are one of the first things your customers will encounter, so you want to make a great first impression – and fast!

Your business has seven seconds to make a great, lasting first impression. Incorporating your business’s name on your floor mats is a great way to immediately show professionalism to your customers. 

2. Your Business’s Logo

Let’s take it a step further and add your business’s logo! Your business’s logo is important as it is the main image associated with your brand. Embellishing your floor mats with your logo is a great way to showcase the logo and impress customers with your custom design.

Additionally, adding your logo shows off your creative side and further makes your entranceways look professional. Your customers will be impressed with the extra details!

3. All of That (and Then Some)!

While adding your name and business logo is eye-catching, did you know you can add even more to your mats? Consider adding the year of your business’s founding, your business’s slogan, or another fun, custom image.

Don’t shy away from color. Design a mat with your business’s colors or bright and fun colors that will catch the eye. 

Work with a Mat Company Who Will Work with You

Don’t settle for a plain, boring mat when you can get a customizable one from a company that’s willing to bring your ideas to life! Whether you want your business’s name, logo, or a colorful design with added slogans, Garden State Mat Rental is here to deliver!

Our floor mats make a great addition to any business, and we will customize them to your liking. Our Classic Impressions mats are made with state-of-the-art digital printers with the ability to print virtually unlimited colors, 3D images, small letters and phrases, and more!

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