Why All Businesses Need Protective Floor Mats

protective floor mats

You may be in the restaurant game while your neighbor across the street runs a medical clinic, but one thing’s for sure: both of you need protective floor mats for your business.

No matter what kind of business you run, you probably have some sort of facility that you’re responsible for. Floor mats are a huge benefit to any kind of commercial space, whether it’s an auto shop, a retail store, a hospital or a spa.

Here’s why all businesses need protective floor mats.

1. All businesses need to stay clean.

Protective floor mats, especially those near your business entrance, remove dirt, moisture, leaves and anything else that gets stuck to the bottoms of people’s shoes before it can spread throughout your business. In the long run, this keeps your floors cleaner on a daily basis, reduces the overall time that needs to be spent on cleaning your floors, and keeps your floors looking great for as long as possible.

2. All businesses are at risk for a slip-and-fall accident on company property.

Did you know that in the U.S., the total annual compensation and medical costs for slip-and-fall accidents are a staggering $70 billion? If you’re not taking the right precautions to protect employees and customers while they’re on your property, your company could be at risk for a slip-and-fall accident and the resulting price tag.

Floor mats can reduce the chances of accidents in a few ways:

  • Entrance mats can eliminate large amounts of moisture and mud in your business, removing wet substances from the bottoms of shoes and trapping them underneath the surface of the mat. Drier floors mean less for employees and customers to slip on!
  • Protective floor mats throughout your business provide valuable traction, helping people stay on their feet.

3. All businesses need branding opportunities.

At Garden State Mat, we can provide you with logo and message mats that show off your brand while also keeping your floors clean. Our logo mats are manufactured with state-of-the-art digital technology to give your logo superior clarity and color, perfectly reproducing any image or message that you want to convey.

Protective Floor Mats for All Businesses

At Garden State, we provide protective floor mats for a variety of industries throughout New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware. From anti-fatigue mats to help your kitchen staff stand for longer periods of time with less pain to industrial mats that offer protection against harmful static electricity, we have a floor mat to solve the problem that you’ve been struggling with. Contact us today to learn more about our matting products and services!