Bare Floors Versus Matted Floors: What’s Best for Business?

Eenie-Meenie-Minie-Mo, which flooring is right for your business though? If you’re unsure about whether or not to invest in matted floors, this blog is for you. We will compare bare floors versus matted floors to help you make the best decision for your establishment.

There are many things to take into consideration, including appearance, functionality, safety, durability, and cost.


Bare floors have always been associated with opulence, and matted floors with more pragmatic and industrial establishments. This is all for good, mostly vain, reason. Much like the original reason behind wearing a white wedding dress, bare floors are a show of wealth and class. Hardwood and marble, for example, are expensive. That’s not something you’d want to keep hidden under layers of floor mats. That’s not to say, however, that mats equate to an ugly appearance. The right floor mat design can help enhance the appearance of your flooring. This is especially true if you pick something like high-quality custom logo mats.

Functionality and Safety

When it comes to functionality and safety, matted floors win the competition hands down. For one, floor mats are an excellent acoustic barrier. The National Safety Council (NSC) lists effective noise reduction as among the best advantages of floor mats. The same NSC article also cites the most important benefit of floor mats: safety. Floor mats help prevent slip-and-fall accidents that can cause anything from costly litigations to life-threatening injuries.


Bare floors are durable on their own. However, the addition of mats gives you an added layer of protection against foot traffic-induced wear and tear. Letting the mats take all the beating means delaying the need for costly reflooring.


If you’re looking to take your dollars further, matted floors are your best option. Bare floors are actually more expensive. The price tag goes higher if you’re looking for a classier option (e.g., marble floors, stone floors, hardwood floors). Although floor mats have a shorter lifespan than flooring materials, replacing a mat is far cheaper than having to refloor your entire facility. With matted floors, you’re creating long-term, convenient solutions for your busy floors.

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