Why Old Mats are Bad for Business

Looking to save on your floor mat supply? It’s tempting to just use your old, tattered floor mats just a tad bit longer. It can’t be that bad, can it?

Actually, it is. Here’s how old mats harm your business:

1. Old mats are not safe anymore.

Wear and tear can catch up to any floor mat, no matter how expensive or well-maintained they are. It’s important to know when your mats have reached the end of their useful life. All that foot traffic will eventually cause your mats to lose traction. They can also start curling at the edges. 

Poor traction and curling transform your once useful floor mats into slipping and tripping hazards. That’s not something you want in your business. Slip, trip, and fall accidents send more than a million people to the hospital every year, causing injuries ranging from small cuts and bruises to fractures and fatal brain injuries.

2. Old mats can no longer effectively keep your floors clean.

Floor mats, particularly the ones designed to remove tracked-in dirt from underneath shoes, work two ways. First, the top surface is abrasive to brush against shoe soles. Second, the floor mats come with a catchment system of sorts, just beneath the abrasive upper surface. This is where all the dirt and dust scraped off of shoes end up.

Heavy foot traffic and repeated washing eventually degrade these surface features. The top surface becomes dull and thus is less abrasive. The catchment system thins out, making finer dust particles pool in the space beneath the mats. This renders them ineffective and virtually useless in keeping your floors clean. And dirty floors are never good for business.

3. Old mats reflect poorly on your business.

Customer perception is everything in any business, across any industry. Customers notice more than you think, and nothing is spared – including your floor mats. Everything within your customers’ line of vision is a reflection of what your business is all about. You don’t want old, worn-out floor mats doing the talking for your brand.

Old floor mats signal neglect and lack of attention to detail. They leave a bad impression, the kind that could eliminate customer desire to patronize your business ever again.

The Easiest Way to Keep Up with Your Floor Mat Needs

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