standing for long periods of time

5 Ways to Combat the Risks of Standing for Long Periods of Time

If your employees have to stand on their feet for long periods of time, they’re at risk for a number of health issues. So, it is only imperative that you put in place mechanisms that help counter these risks.

Here are some ways you can improve your workplace and combat the risks of standing for long periods of time:

1. Encourage the use of compression hosiery and ergonomic shoes.

Ergonomic apparel has been found to significantly reduce the swelling and pooling of blood and fluids in the lower extremities – a condition that is the most pertinent cause of swelling and pain of the calves, ankles, and feet. Meanwhile, the right kind of shoes provide proper support and added cushioning for the soles of the feet. This helps reduce the impact of having to carry the heavy load of body weight for extended periods of time.

2. Invest in flexible workstations.

Where possible, make sure that your employees’ workstations allow them to switch positions or sit down every so often to relieve the pressure and pain in their lower back and legs.

3. Encourage movement.

Create a more relaxed environment for your workers by allowing and encouraging your workers to move around as opposed to staying in the same position for long hours.  

4. Invest in proper flooring.

The type of flooring in your workplace is an instrumental factor in the comfort of employees who have to stand for long periods of time. Better floors should reduce the strain on the feet and the lower extremities, and allow for a more balanced distribution of the body’s weight load.

5. Invest in anti-fatigue matting.

Anti-fatigue mats, like these from Garden State Mat, are ergonomic floor enhancements designed especially for employees who have to walk and/or stand for extended periods. The unique design and material of anti-fatigue mats encourages micro-movements in the legs and muscles that distribute body weight better and allow for better blood circulation. This results in less muscle fatigue, swelling, and strain.