What Makes a Floor Mat High-Quality?

Wondering what makes a mat high-quality? Any business that utilizes floor mats to protect itself wants the most from their investment. Poor-quality and neglected floor mats will have difficulty fulfilling their promise of keeping dirt and moisture out of your business. That’s why it’s important to understand the difference between high-quality and low-quality floor mats. 

What Makes a Mat Low-Quality

Low-quality mats are hard to spot when buying them but their problems are easy to notice once you have them. Here are just a few of the most common issues even a single low-quality mat can cause.

It Doesn’t Keep Floors Clean

Picture a floor mat surrounded by dirty, grimy floors. If something about this picture doesn’t add up, that’s probably because those are two things that aren’t supposed to coexist. A low-quality mat is mostly just there for show and doesn’t keep floors clean the way they should. It may seem worth it to save money on a cheap mat but any business will chafe when they see how much of their budget is going towards floor repairs

It’s Unstable

The last thing your business needs to deal with is slip-and-fall accidents caused by unstable mats. The point of getting a mat is to maintain the floors enough to avoid these accidents. However, it’s just as likely that a low-quality mat will cause them. They are yet another expense that outweighs any money saved by buying a cheaper mat. 

It’s Uncomfortable

For areas where either employees or customers have to stand for long periods, a low-quality mat won’t cut it. Comfort is essential to a productive workforce and repeat customers. Without it, businesses routinely see the opposite occur: poor performance and low customer retention rates. 

Garden State Mat Knows What Makes a Mat High-Quality

Garden State Mat makes the highest quality mats in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware and has been doing so since 1971. Our high-quality mats:

  • Keep Floors Clean. Our products have thick, durable bristles that remove just about any material from shoes before they can make it inside your business. We maintain each mat ourselves to ensure that it can continually perform at such a high level. 
  • Hold Their Ground. We have tested our mats thoroughly to ensure that they stay put when people use them. Our mats are designed to increase friction with the floor as much as possible so that the only time they move is when they are picked up. 
  • Are Made for Extended Use. Garden State Mat designs all of its products with users in mind. We know many employees and customers will have to spend long periods of time standing in the same place. That’s why we used the most comfortable material in the industry in our mats. 

Contact Garden State Mat Today!

So, what makes a mat high-quality? Clean floors, as well as sturdy, comfortable designs, are what you need when looking for a mat. Garden State Mat offers this and more! Start today by calling us at 1 (800) 486-1581 or direct your inquiries here for a free quote.