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How Mat Service Improves Business Safety 

Did you know that mat service improves business safety? Mat service, in fact, does so much more than just pick up your dirty mats and replace them with clean ones. The right service can transform the way you use floors to protect your employees and customers!

Mat Service and Safety

Here are all the ways mat service improves business safety:

Securing the Availability of Your Floor Mats

Approximately 60% of all fall accidents occur on the same level, and not from a height, contrary to popular belief. This means that most fall accidents are preventable just by the simple addition of floor mats, especially in critical areas. 

And the right mat service provider can help in that area. One of the biggest benefits of working with a mat rental service provider is the ease of securing your supplies. You never have to worry one bit about having a sufficient mat supply. And that’s more than just a matter of convenience. A good provider’s dependable mat deliveries make sure that no area of your facility ever goes without mats.

Providing Consistent, Top-Notch Floor Mat Maintenance

Perhaps the only thing worse than not having the right mats is only having poorly-maintained ones. Safely maintaining floor mats requires more than just hosing them down a few times a month. It requires a high degree of precision and professional expertise to effectively yield the most optimum results for your mats. And that means more than just clean, dirt-free mats. Proper maintenance makes sure that your mats’ safety features, like surfaces and high-traction backing, are protected from premature wear and tear. This ultimately means that they can function safely for as long as possible.

Ensuring Better Quality Control for Your Inventory

Running a business means having to put out many fires throughout the day. It’s easy to overlook the condition of your mats when you have other tasks pulling you in all directions. And it goes without saying how dangerous it can be to use substandard mats, especially in your high-traffic areas. Dirty and/or worn-out mats become slip, trip, and fall hazards. That is one more thing off of your plate when you have the right mat service provider. They can keep a close eye on the condition of your mats to ensure that they are in a prime, safe condition. And all that without an ounce of effort from your end!

Garden State’s Mat Service Improves Business Safety

When the safety of your employees and customers is on the line, you can’t entrust your mat needs with just anybody. You’ll need the assurance of superior professional mat service from Garden State Mat Rental! We are the trusted mat rental expert serving the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware areas. 

We have been ahead of our competition since 1971. Our excellent product selection and mat service expertise ensure that you have nothing to worry about. With Garden State Mat Rental, you can keep your business safe – effortlessly and cost-efficiently. And you can start today!

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