what mat service is like

What Mat Service is Like for Businesses

Partnering with a mat service is an effective way to protect the business and the people in it from many dangers. Businesses that use mats benefit from mat service in a number of ways. This article will illustrate what mat service is like for businesses that use it, what mat service does that self-servicing can’t, and how to locate the best mat service in their area.

Walkthrough A Mat Service Day

Here’s what it’s like when the route service representative arrives at a business for mat servicing.

The Representative Arrives

Our rep comes through the door carrying the first of however many mats need replacing. They’ll say hello, flash a friendly smile, ask reception about their day, and make their way to the mats for replacement.

The Mats Are Replaced

After the old mats are taken away, the new ones are unrolled and set in place. The driver will then brush off any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on them during transport.

Facility Service Materials Are Replenished

If a part of the servicing plan, the representative will also replenish the stock of restroom supplies. This can include mops, towels, paper products, soap, or air fresheners

A Quick Sweep

The representative does a quick sweep of the area to make sure everything looks good. If there’s anything else we can do to for the business that day.

See You Soon!

The driver leaves only to return at a scheduled time and repeat the process!

What Mat Service Does That Self-Service Can’t

Businesses that opt to self-service their mats are missing out on a number of benefits that come with partnering with a professional mat service.


The biggest benefit of having someone else service the mats is convenience. With mat service, businesses don’t have to think about when the last time the mats were changed or worry about running out of clean mats. They can set a schedule and forget about it until the next service.

Additionally, when mats get worn out and no longer usable, the cost to replace them is on the mat rental provider, not the customer.


Another big advantage is quality. Professional mat services provide clean, high-quality mats that will perform better than the mats a business could buy on their own with little to no maintenance or cleaning.


Perhaps the most important benefit of mat service is safety. Not only does it protect the business from potential lawsuits, but it also protects employees and customers from slips, trips, and falls. On the other hand, mats left without proper care accumulate dirt, dust, and debris, curl at the edges, and lose their grip on the floor. When that’s allowed to happen, mats become a liability.

Only a professional mat service will consistently replace mats with clean, fresh mats that maintain their integrity throughout service.

How to Find The Best Mat Service For Businesses

When searching for a mat service for their business, there are a few key factors businesses should keep in mind.

Keep it Local

It’s important to partner with a mat service that’s local. Not only will they be more familiar with the area, but they’ll also be able to provide mats that are better suited for the climate.

Additionally, a local provider will be far more invested in your satisfaction than a multinational chain brand. This is because the multinationals have the luxury of providing subpar service and losing a customer when their restrictive contracts run out. A local service will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction because you’re a much bigger part of their bottom line than the big guys.

Look for Experience

When entrusting someone with the safety of a business, it’s important to find a mat service that has experience. A good mat service will have been in business for several years and will have a good reputation.

Look for Variety

The best mat services offer a variety of mat options to choose from. This allows businesses to find the perfect mat for their needs.

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