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Equip Your Business for 2022 with Garden State

2022 is the year of taking on bigger opportunities and growing after the challenges of the last two years. And Garden State Mat Rental can help equip your business for 2022 with all the tools that you need!

How Garden State Mat Rental Can Equip Your Business for 2022

From increasing safety to ensuring an improved restroom experience, Garden State Mat Rental is your partner in winning the coming year. With us, you get:

Cleaner, Safer Floors

If there’s anything that the last two years have taught us, it’s that you can never be too prepared for anything. Increasing your floor safety is more than just having the right floor mats for the job. It’s also a matter of making sure that your floor mats are in their cleanest and best condition. That’s something Garden State Mat Rental can help you with. Not only do we have a selection of high-quality, NFSI-certified safe floor mats. We also specialize in professional floor mat maintenance. Under our expert care, your floor mats are at their cleanest and in their best condition. This, in turn, helps keep your floors cleaner and safer, for longer.

More Comfortable Employees

An investment in your employees’ comfort is an investment into your business. Caring for your employees’ needs has a direct positive effect on your business. Specifically, a comfortable environment improves job satisfaction, overall wellness, and productivity. For employees who work on their feet all day, one of the easiest ergonomic solutions is to use anti-fatigue mats. These ergonomically-designed anti-fatigue floor mats provide cushioning for the legs and the feet, softening the pressure on the muscles and joints. In addition, these surfaces also create a bounce, promoting better blood circulation. And Garden State Mat Rental can provide and service your anti-fatigue mats with ease.

Convenient and Effective Mat Customization Service

2022 is the year of taking more and bigger opportunities. That includes making the most of every chance to market your business. Custom logo and message mats allow you to make the most of your floor space to promote your brand. Garden State Mat’s floor mat expertise ensures you get superior-quality mats, exceptional graphics, and top-notch maintenance.

More Cost-Efficient Mat Supply Solutions

Garden State Mat Rental offers you cost-efficient solutions for your mat supply needs. Our service frees you from having to commit to the high upfront costs of purchasing and replacing your mats. Furthermore, getting your mats serviced by Garden State saves you from the cost of maintaining your inventory.

Better Restrooms

The condition of your restrooms affects the satisfaction of employees and customers alike. And having a full stock of your restroom essentials – like paper and soap – is a big part of that. Garden State’s restroom supply service makes it extra easy to keep up with your facility’s constant supply needs. Our automatic replenishment and competitively-priced products offer complete convenience and significant savings in your restroom supply needs.

Contact Garden State Today!

Garden State Mat Rental has been helping businesses with mat and facility needs since 1971. Our expertise ensures complete satisfaction, convenience, and long-term savings for your biggest essentials. You’ll never again have to waste time worrying about your supply needs since you can now focus all your time and energy on your business’s core operations.

Start the new year right with complete mat and facility solutions only from Garden State Mat Rental! Equip your business for 2022 by contacting us at 800-486-1581 or by reaching out to us here for more information.