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Protecting Business Floors in Winter

Winter is coming! And as much as we love the postcard image of a snow-covered landscape, protecting business floors in winter is paramount to keeping things running smoothly.

What Winter Does to Your Business Floors

Exactly what are your floors up against during the year’s most challenging season? Here are some of them:

Dirtier Floors

The snow, mud, slush, and wet shoe soles. All of these leave unsightly stains on your floors and easily track indoors.

Dangerous, Accident-Prone Floors

Tracked-in mud, moisture, and slush not only make your floors dirty. They can also cause your floors to become slippery, and raise the risk for slip-and-fall accidents in your facility.

Floor Damage

Frequent and extensive exposure to moisture can leave your floors with permanent damage. It can mean something as simple as dulling polish or something as bad as unfixable water stains. Deicing salt residues tracked in by shoes can also be harmful to your floors. Most of these ice melts have abrasive chemicals that can chip away at the layers of your flooring. Left untreated, this can leave long-term, maybe even irreversible damage.

The Best Methods for Protecting Business Floors in Winter

You can’t stop winter, but you can stop them from harming your floors. Here’s how:

  • Invest in better commercial floor mats. Floor mats offer some of the best defense against winter floor damage. For one, the right mats in the right location can keep winter’s biggest impurities from getting tracked indoors. The abrasive and moisture-absorbing surface removes any snow, salt, and mud trapped under people’s shoes. They also prevent any of these impurities from getting into direct contact with your floors, thereby preventing them from causing any damage.
  • Get better cleaning tools. Floor cleaning is always harder during the winter season. Winter mud is stickier, the moisture is a ticking time-bomb. And with more people choosing to go indoors, there is constant and heavy foot traffic. You need to clean more frequently, and more efficiently. Invest in better and more effective cleaning tools, like better floor mops. You’ll need mops that can effectively remove mud and moisture, and also work well with your cleaning solutions of choice.

Get Your Floors Winter-Ready with Garden State Mat Rental!

As with anything, however, business mat and mop supplies can be quite expensive to buy and burdensome to maintain. Thankfully, you can get all your winter floor care needs with commercial mat and mop rental from Garden State Mat Rental!

We have everything you can ever want and need for protecting business floors in winter. Our flexible mat and mop rental programs give you the best winter floor care advantages:

  • Better mat and mop selections. Garden State Mat Rental is your leading choice for top-notch mat and mop selections. We offer mat and mop basics, as well as more specialized items like highly effective scraper mats and microfiber mops. No matter how bad the weather, your floors get the best guarantee for cleanliness and safety.
  • Professional mat and mop maintenance. Garden State uses state-of-the-art mat and mop cleaning techniques. We guarantee that your mats and mops are as clean and as high-quality as you need them to be.
  • Dependable deliveries. The only thing worse than bad mats and mops is having neither. Garden State Mat Rental makes sure you’ll never have to worry about that. We guarantee on-time and regular pickups and deliveries. This makes sure that your supplies are always available and always accessible, ready to deploy even on the harshest and muddiest of winter days.

And there’s no better time than now to get your floors ready and protected for the cold season up ahead!

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