Sustainable Floor Solutions for Your Business

Sustainable Floor Solutions for Your Business

As a business owner, you know that the floors of your business get the most wear and tear. It’s a challenge to find long-term solutions that extend the lifespan of your flooring. Buying floor mats is the most logical option to keep your floors safe and clean. But buying mats requires both a substantial upfront investment, and regular maintenance or replacement. That’s where Garden State Mat Rental comes in with a solution that saves you time, money, and is environmentally friendly too!

Why Sustainable Floor Solutions Matter

As awareness of global impact and environmental consciousness grows, consumers care more about the sustainable business practices of a company. A recent study by Ernst & Young shows that a majority of consumers believe a company’s behavior is as important as what it sells. A company must consider its role in every part of the business from sourcing to operations and the footprint it leaves. This helps win over the consumer and ensures longevity. Sustainable flooring solutions provided by Garden State Mat Rental are a part of appealing to those consumers. 

Sustainable in More Ways Than One

As we mentioned, the challenge of keeping floors and mats clean is a big undertaking. Using a mat reduces stains and wear on your floors, but can be a huge source of money and time. Renting mats gets rid of the hefty investment of buying your own mats. More than that, renting mats from Garden State ensures routine cleaning and consistent deliveries of fresh mats. This makes mat rental a financially sustainable floor solution. 

Instead of mopping a dirty entrance, imagine your logo vibrantly displayed on a freshly cleaned mat at the entrance. With our Custom Logo Mat option, this is not just a dream, it’s a reality. Using mats will reduce the amount of time spent sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. Garden State takes all of that off your hands so that you can focus on your business. For industrial kitchens and other high-traffic facilities, mats are a matter of safety. We offer sustainable floor solutions in the form of our industrial, scraper, kitchen, and anti-fatigue mats. 

How Green are Sustainable Floor Solutions Really?

Now that you know how our mat rental service can save you time and money, let’s dive into our sustainable floor solutions claims. Did you know that the U.S. Green Building Council has developed a rating system for buildings to encourage owners to earn credit for meeting certain housekeeping criteria? In response, we created our Green Commitment. Since the entry mat is the first line of defense for business owners against dirt, bacteria, and floor wear – we developed our mats with that in mind.

Landfill waste is a huge concern and the Green Building Council encourages the use of industrial products that are disposal-friendly, thus reducing the need for landfills. Our mats are not only designed to stop dirt and moisture but they are also designed for longevity. This reduces the amount of textiles in landfills. Sustainable flooring solutions also mean considering how our mats would affect landfills, that’s why our entry mats are 100% PVC-free! Overall Garden State Mats are the most environmentally responsible choice for your business’s floors. 

Garden State Mats: The Best Choice for Businesses

For over 50 years, Garden State Mats has been providing New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware with top-tier mat rental services. Our mat quality and superior customer service have made us a proud staple in the community! As you explore sustainable floor solutions, consider contacting us for a free quote today.